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Sales and Marketing

The competitive nature of the hotel business demands an individualized approach with each property to reap maximum return on investments and fuel sustained growth of profits.

Venerts Venerts Hotel Management Inc. offers clients sales and marketing expertise from seasoned hospitality industry professionals with a history of success for more than two decades.

To develop a comprehensive sales and marketing plan, Venerts conducts extensive research to accurately position a property both within its market and community.

We use this information to design a comprehensive strategy that provides clients with targeted, cost-effective, practical solutions and incorporates core marketing and financial goals. Results-oriented marketing tailors initiatives based on a hotel’s market dynamics to increase occupancy and room rate.

Once a plan is implemented, regular reports and communication detail how a property reaches each strategic goal and milestone. At every step, there is an opportunity to assess progress and address any change that may occur in a market, from a mild shift to major fluctuation.

Committed to excellence, our sales and marketing team gives you not only a strong marketing partner, but also a group of people who are as vested in the success of your business as you are.